Monday, September 26, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rut Buster!!

Last week I unwillingly dragged myself to the gym for the first time in about 4 weeks.
I have been a member of my local gym for 3 months now. I'd say I have exercised a total of 10 times!

Not good!!

Last summer I was a member for 2 months and I absolutely made the most of it. I set myself the challenge of shaping up for my sun holiday. I went to the gym at least 4 times a week after work. I really enjoyed it. I noticed such a difference in my energy levels. When I became more fit, I was rarely tired during the day. I was also eating quite healthily. It was a serious mood booster. I noticed the difference radically.
I was fit, toned, healthy and happy. 
Once I was home from my holidays my motivation was non existent. My healthy eating and exercise routine fell by the wayside. 

A year later, I re-joined the gym in the hope that I could get back in to the same great shape. 
But, unfortunately I had no motivation or drive.
It is the end of the summer and something inside me has clicked and the motivation is back to get in to shape. 

So, this morning I took my tired self to the gym.
I walked in shamefully. As I scanned my key fob, I hoped that the computer wouldn't tell the receptionist the last time I had checked in.
I quickly turned to walk to the stairs that led to the gym, when she called me back. 
She then proceeded to explain that in my absence the gym had been renovated. The gym was in a new area of the leisure center. When I walked in, to my delight, it was a completely new gym. It had much more space, new machines, new quantities of the machines and machines I'd never used before. 
I was then shown the brand new changing rooms which led through to the brand new sauna and steam room!!! 

Hello motivation.

I was blown away by the whole renovation and it really got me excited to be there. I tried out the new machines as well as completing my work - out. 
I am excited to go back tomorrow to use the gym and then take advantage of the perks - Sauna and Steam room!
Then I'll do the same the next day and the next.

I gladly walked home from the gym and decided to have a healthy lunch, something I've abandoned for a whole year. 
I made myself a lovely salad of lettuce, carrots, cucumber and peppers. I sliced some apple, some ham and had some cheese on cracker bread. The meal was lovely and I was happy with my efforts.
But now I feel peckish, the chocolate is calling me. I must not give in. I hope to make this healthy eating a routine but it is going to be TOUGH!

Tonight I am going to an exercise Boot-camp!
I am so nervous that I will be too unfit to complete it and make a fool of myself. But I'm going to soldier on. 

Here it goes.
I am saying hello to a healthy lifestyle.

I really hope I can stick with it!!