Monday, September 26, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rut Buster!!

Last week I unwillingly dragged myself to the gym for the first time in about 4 weeks.
I have been a member of my local gym for 3 months now. I'd say I have exercised a total of 10 times!

Not good!!

Last summer I was a member for 2 months and I absolutely made the most of it. I set myself the challenge of shaping up for my sun holiday. I went to the gym at least 4 times a week after work. I really enjoyed it. I noticed such a difference in my energy levels. When I became more fit, I was rarely tired during the day. I was also eating quite healthily. It was a serious mood booster. I noticed the difference radically.
I was fit, toned, healthy and happy. 
Once I was home from my holidays my motivation was non existent. My healthy eating and exercise routine fell by the wayside. 

A year later, I re-joined the gym in the hope that I could get back in to the same great shape. 
But, unfortunately I had no motivation or drive.
It is the end of the summer and something inside me has clicked and the motivation is back to get in to shape. 

So, this morning I took my tired self to the gym.
I walked in shamefully. As I scanned my key fob, I hoped that the computer wouldn't tell the receptionist the last time I had checked in.
I quickly turned to walk to the stairs that led to the gym, when she called me back. 
She then proceeded to explain that in my absence the gym had been renovated. The gym was in a new area of the leisure center. When I walked in, to my delight, it was a completely new gym. It had much more space, new machines, new quantities of the machines and machines I'd never used before. 
I was then shown the brand new changing rooms which led through to the brand new sauna and steam room!!! 

Hello motivation.

I was blown away by the whole renovation and it really got me excited to be there. I tried out the new machines as well as completing my work - out. 
I am excited to go back tomorrow to use the gym and then take advantage of the perks - Sauna and Steam room!
Then I'll do the same the next day and the next.

I gladly walked home from the gym and decided to have a healthy lunch, something I've abandoned for a whole year. 
I made myself a lovely salad of lettuce, carrots, cucumber and peppers. I sliced some apple, some ham and had some cheese on cracker bread. The meal was lovely and I was happy with my efforts.
But now I feel peckish, the chocolate is calling me. I must not give in. I hope to make this healthy eating a routine but it is going to be TOUGH!

Tonight I am going to an exercise Boot-camp!
I am so nervous that I will be too unfit to complete it and make a fool of myself. But I'm going to soldier on. 

Here it goes.
I am saying hello to a healthy lifestyle.

I really hope I can stick with it!!



Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tattoo Tantalization

Everyone considers the idea of getting a Tattoo at some point in their life.

Like most people I am a little sceptical on the subject.

But recently I have become more fond of the idea.

What I need to do now is choose an image,name,symbol etc. that has everlasting meaning.
I've decided not to take the leap until I am 100% decided on what I want!

Apparently people say to hang a picture of your desired tattoo on your wall for a month and if you still love the image and aren't sick of it, then to get it printed on your body!

So, I have a few ideas. Three to be exact.
I am contemplating getting the 3 in 3 different areas of my body
finding a way to incorporate the 3 ideas in to 1 amazing design.



My ultimate favourite word,feeling,guideline.
I know I will have an everlasting love (pardon the pun) for this expression.
It is the foundation for life.
What is life without love?

Love for other human beings.
Love for life.
Love for Fashion, Music, Travel.
Love inspires Passion and Enthusiasm for Everything this planet has to offer.

I think the word "Love" is the tatto I am almost 100% sure I want.
I think it'll be at the back of my neck, neatly written in a fancy font.


Music is the beat that I walk to.
I sing more than I talk.
Music lifts me up when I'm down.
Takes me higher when im up.
I can not imagine a world where there's no music.
What a waste that would be.
I wish I had a sountrack to my everday life!

I don't really know where and what I want to represent this joy.
Ideas: Wrist, Foot, Side of torso, Shoulder.
And I'm sure it'll be along these lines in style:


F or Fashion

F = F can stand for a few things that have value in my life.
First of all Fashion (because that's another idea)
Secondly it can take meaning for Family & Friends, which are oh-so big parts of my being.
And thirdly it can stand for me. F for Fiona.
So I was thinking of just a very fancy 'F' written on my hand, leg or side.

Then on the other hand, if I can come up with a symbol or design to represent Fashion, my no.1 thought in the morning and as I carry on my day, it never leaves my head.
It is my ultimate passion.
To represent it in a way that does in justice would be ideal, but until I can do so, I will refrain.

So for now, it is a thought in the making.
I will most definately post on the progress of my Tattoos & Tattoo thoughts!

Personality Test Results

So I took this personality test on and this is the type of person I apparently am...... and well, I can't argue too much, except maybe career wise.

Introverted  79%    Extraverted 21%
Feeling       65%    Thinking      35%
Intuitive       95%    Sensing       5%
Percieving 68%    Judging       32%

My "type" is titled INFP

On the World =
  • Never lose sense of wonder
  • See life rose-coloured glasses
  • Switching from reality and fantasy
  • As kids develop imaginary playmates
  • Ability to see good in anyone and anything
  • Depth of feeling often hidden, even to self
  • Dissapointed & Frustrated
  • Change technical information into laymens terms

Career =

  • Strong value system
  • Warmly interested in people
  • Service orientated - put others first
  • Loyal & Devoted
  • Future orientated
  • Creative & Inspirational
  • Flexible & laid back
  • Sensitive & Complex
  • Dislike dealing with details and routine
  • Original &  Individualistic
  • Value deep and authentic relationships
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Prefer to work alone
  • Want to be seen and appreciated for me
  • Needs a career more than a job
  • Driven to do something meaningful and purposeful with life

Possible Careers =
  • Writer*
  • Council/Social Worker
  • Teacher/ Proffessor
  • Psychologist
  • Phychiatrist
  • Musician*
*(the only 2 I want)

Relationships =
  • Calm/ Pleasant face to the world
  • Appear to be tranquil and peaceful
  • Very deep capacity for love and caring
  • Reserve their deepest love and care for a select few who are closest
  • Generally laid back, supportive and nurturing in close relationships
  • Very sensitive and in-tune with peoples feelings
  • Slow to trust others and cautious in the beginning
  • Fiercly loyal once commited
  • Usually adaptable and congenial
Strengths =
  • Caring
  • Sensitive and Perceptive
  • Loyal & Commited - Life long commitments
  • Driven to meet others needs
  • Strive for 'win-win' situations
  • Nurturing, Supportive and encouraging
  • Likely to recognise and appreciate others need for space
  • Able to express themselves well
  • Flexible and Diverse
Weaknesses =
  • Shy & Reserved
  • Don't like 'space' invaded
  • Extreme dislike of conflict
  • Extreme dislike of critcism
  • Strong need to recieve praise & possitive affirmation
  • May react very emotionally to stressful situations
  • Have difficulty leaving bad relationships
  • Have difficulty scolding/punishing others
  • Perfectionist tendancies
  • Don't give themselves enough credit
  • Tendancy to blame themselves for problems & hold everything on own shoulders
As a Lover =
  • Tremendous loyalty & commitment to relationships
  • Need to be in commited, loving relationship
  • Idealistic & romantically minded may cause them to fantasize about a more perfect relationship or situation
  • They may also romanticize their mates into having qualities which they do not actually posses
  • Sincere love for their mates and their intense dislike of conflict keeps the loyal to relationships in spite of their troubles achieving peace of mind

Try it out yourself @