Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Acceptable Tardiness?....

Paying the consequences for genuine mistakes seems unfair!

Just because for that one moment you weren't at the top of your game, you have to pay for it.

One little slip is all it takes for you to suffer the consequences for your brainless action.

We are only human. We have no one to depend upon but ourselves, and we all know that that's not always the most reliable source!

For example: When you were in school, 6th year to be exact, and you forgot your P.E gear! You are punished with extra work and a note home to be signed by your parents, or possibly detention! All because you were too tired that morning to remember to pack your tracksuit.
In 6th year when you have so much to worry about (ie. the LEAVING CERTIFICATE), you are still expected to remember everything!!

Another example is when you hurt a loved one, because you forgot to consider their feelings for one decision. You will be punished. With their hurt feelings, along with your guilt!

You cleary, can not and should not depend on another person for your own happiness.

You should depend on no one else to satisfy your needs, except you alone.

Only you can decide if something makes you happy.
Only you can decide if something makes you unhappy.